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I'm starting a career freelancing as a copywriter after years working full-time at an advertising agency. Do I need to establish a... read on

My baby's father and I live together and are both working and aren't married. I started my job in June 2012 and he... read on

The mortgage on our house is in my wife's name, but my name is on the deed. I have federal tax liens... read on

I have a 1099R distribution from my 401K with my former employer direct deposited to another account ($55,000). There was a federal withholding... read on

I understand that I need to file a form Schedule C if the business is a sole proprietorship and listed under my social... read on

I have three children whom I will be claiming on my income taxes. We live with my boyfriend who works full time as... read on

Is there a 'rule of thumb" regarding the percentage of mortgage interest one can claim on their taxes? Such as, if combined income... read on

I started a business with $5,000 with my own capital. What would be the journal entry to record the capital contribution?... read on

I have been at my comapny for 10 years. As a gift, my boss gave me $10,000. He was going to buy me... read on

I work for a large German corporation remotely here in the states. They do not provide an office for me. I've been claiming... read on

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