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I am doing some self-employment work. At what income level do I need to send in quarterly estimated tax payments. I want to... read on

I am 16 years old and earned $4,000 in 2011. My parents are claiming me as a dependent. Do I need to... read on

Can I claim my real estate taxes if I don't itemize deductions?

... read on

Can I take the required minimum distribution for my annuity and my 401k only out of my 401k? I have both an... read on

I was deployed as a contractor last July 2011 and came back to the states July 2012. I started a new job and... read on

I had to pay back third party sick pay from 2 years ago of $15,325 and $26,745, respectively. When I calculate my... read on

I bought a condo for my mother in 2008 in my name (not my primary residence so does it count as an investment... read on

I am getting married this year and my boyfriend just got out of college and hasn't found a job yet. Can I claim... read on

I bought a real estate property in 2005 for $50,000. I had to sell it at short sale for $18,000. The bank sent... read on

How much money can be gifted from one person to another in a given tax year without any tax implications (in Ohio or... read on

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