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Can my wife and I both open a roth ira and contribute $6,000 each since we're both older than 50 by using a... read on

If I cash out an insurance policy, will I have a tax liability?... read on

I purchased my first residence for $130,000 in 1996 and then converted it into a rental property from 2004 until 2011. In 2011,... read on

I inherited a house from my deceased father that is now in my name, but the mortgage is still in my fathers name.... read on

My spouse died in 2004 and owed the IRS for back taxes. I've paid my own taxes but my ex-spouse's debts were... read on

Basically I'm selling my house at the end of November, and in the cellar I have an expensive home theater, which I bought... read on

I live in Indiana and work in Ohio. My employer only takes out Ohio State taxes. What are your suggestions for tax season?... read on

My wife is going through her residency program to become a medical doctor. She is working in a hospital for her residency in... read on

I recently became President for a non profit spiritual camp. They hold church services every Sunday. Can I deduct the gas mileage... read on

We pay an in-home private caregiver and are reimbursed by an insurance company that does not pay for her employment taxes. The... read on

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