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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Expert at BIDaWIZ. We offer very attractive incentives for sharing your expertise such as:

  • 1) The ability to work from anywhere
  • 2) Generate supplemental income
  • 3) Gain exposure to new clients
  • 4) Be part of a talented, respected team
  • 5) Freedom from fees and overhead costs
  • 6) Gain recognition from users for your impeccable service
  • 7) And many more incentives

The BIDaWIZ team believes that Experts should share in our success and we continually offer new incentives as Experts take on more and more engagements.

Please complete the information below in order to apply to become an Expert. Please only apply if you meet the necessary requirements.

I really enjoying working with your services. As a tax instructor, it is a very familiar feel.

-Rick Z. CPA, California

I really enjoy being an expert a BIDaWIZ. It is keeping me fresh on some tax topics I do not see regularly.

Bob O. Tax LLM, Idaho

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It is highly recommended to provide a copy of your recent resume and professional license if readily available. It will help expedite the review process.


It is highly recommended to provide a professional picture in business attire. Typically, Experts that provide a professional picture have a higher sucess rate for getting selected by clients.

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