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Gain targeted web exposure and grow your bottom line by advertising on BIDaWIZ. We provide advertising opportunities to just a select few, so you won’t be lost in the clutter. You'll be highlighted in front of an audience of users and participating professionals that is engaged and well educated. In addition, you’ll reach our audience at a moment of high intentionality: our users and experts are here for a specific purpose and are motivated to make purchasing decisions. All of these benefits and more are available at very cost-effective rates.

Homeowners, Families, Singles, and Seniors
Our users span all stages of life. BIDaWIZ is particularly popular with homeowners, an audience focused on questions regarding budgeting, marriage and divorce, student loans, consumer loans, health benefits, leases, mortgages and retirement planning.

Staff Accountants
Bookkeepers and other staff accountants visit our site often to obtain tips on new accounting software.

Job Seekers and New Hires
Both those in the job market who have questions regarding unemployment budgeting and benefits, as well as recent hires with benefits questions regularly visit BIDaWIZ.

Small Business Owners
Small business owners from a wide range of industries use BIDaWIZ to more intelligently manage their time and money.

Licensed Business Professionals
Our Experts, licensed business professionals in the financial and accounting fields, visit BIDaWIZ daily. They are highly educated, geographically diverse (across the U.S.) and hold a wide range of interests in addition to growing their professional practices, including travel, investing, outdoor recreation, fine dining, wines, electronics and leisure.

Students and Researchers
College and graduate students commonly use BIDaWIZ to obtain answers relating to student loans. Professionals also use BIDaWIZ to conduct research for business and personal use.

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