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BIDaWIZ traces its roots back to 2008. As tax and accounting professionals we often encountered clients whose needs were not being adequately met. There was the bookkeeper who lacked the time to research complex accounting issues or needed confirmation of an answer she had arrived at. There was the small business owner who needed an on-call accounting resource, but could not regularly bear the expense of a full time accountant. There was the accountant, herself an expert, who occasionally needed a resource to fill gaps in her knowledge. At the time, our clients’ only options when seeking answers to tax, accounting and finance questions were costly and time consuming. Lengthy phone calls, high hourly rates and an inability to let the market to determine the most qualified and cost-efficient professionals for the job were the norm.

We founded BIDaWIZ in a desire to address the needs of those who, like our own clients, sought a better solution for their tax and accounting needs. Our guiding principle is that individuals and businesses should have access to high quality, comprehensive professional accounting advice, delivered in an affordable, accessible and easy-to-understand manner.

Whether you're a bookkeeper, a small business owner, or an accountant, BIDaWIZ is your online marketplace for professional tax and accounting advice and services.

What Makes Us Unique

Our success is driven by the reliability of the BIDaWIZ Experts: licensed, seasoned business professionals who independently provide answers to users’ tax and accounting .

Experts include certified public accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EA), & tax attorneys (JDs) each of whom is highly proficient in their subject matter and has many years of experience navigating the issues, whether complex or routine, that users face.

All BIDaWIZ Experts go through a rigorous screening process implemented by the BIDaWIZ team. We seek to leverage our own professional experience as tax and accounting professionals in assessing whether someone will be viable as a BIDaWIZ Expert. In addition, before selecting someone to become an Expert, we utilize third party credential verification services to ensure the authenticity of their qualifications.

Quick Expert Stats

Average Years of Work Experience:

20 years with a range of 5 - 40 years

Recent Jobs:

  1. Auditors
  2. Authors of Tax, Accounting & Finance Publications
  3. Bookkeepers
  4. Chief Financial Officers
  5. Contract Accountants
  6. Professors
  7. Recent Retirees of Finance & Accounting
  8. Enrolled Agents
  9. Staff/Senior Accountant
  10. Tax Managers

Thousands across multiple industries (agriculture, automobiles, chemical, construction, energy, food, health, information technology, insurance, manufacturing, mass media, real estate, & telecommunications)


  1. CPAs, EAs, JDs
  2. Memberships:
  3. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  4. American Women Society of CPAs
  5. Committees for Tax Education
  6. QuickBooks Pro Advisor Program

New Expert Quotes

"I have over 30 years of tax preparation experience and I really enjoy public accounting and helping people with their tax problems."
- Charles Randall "CRANDALL", CPA

"I have many years of experience researching tax related questions. I offer thoughtful, organized, and detailed responses that will allow the customer to understand in a way that they can immediately apply the information presented."
- Josh Moore "jmoore1502", CPA

"I specialize in small business, home business and independent contractors and can advise on the tax and accounting part of their business. I can give advice about financial statements, corporate tax returns, individual tax returns and quarterly payroll tax returns. I am proficient in QuickBooks, ProSeries and Microsoft Office. I am a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program and am in the process of obtaining my QuickBooks Certification."
-Erin Meegan "emeegan", CPA

"I have five years experience in designing financial plans for clients to meet their overall goals and objectives. These objectives have included generational wealth transfers, retirement planning, family partnerships, and tax saving strategies. I have worked with many clients over the years and am very familiar with the complexities involved in the estate planning process."
-Jay Johnson "jayjohnsonut1", CPA

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