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What is BIDaWIZ? [Top of Page]
BIDaWIZ is an online marketplace for accounting and tax advice and services provided by accountants.

Why Choose BIDaWIZ? [Top of Page]
There are lots of places to ask questions online, but BIDaWIZ is your only source for reliable answers from licensed business professionals. It is also the only online marketplace to ask questions before hiring a professional for a full service engagement (i.e. tax preparation, auditing). We founded BIDaWIZ to fill this need at an affordable price and in a fast, convenient manner.

Traditionally, obtaining professional advice and services was expensive and time consuming. You were forced to travel, schedule meetings and engage in "phone tag", all without the guarantee of truly reliable information. BIDaWIZ provides a better way, giving you access to licensed and verified business professionals and the answers and services you need, tailored to your specific issues.

How it Works

How does BIDaWIZ work? [Top of Page]
Step 1: Ask a Question – Submit your tax or question to BIDaWIZ.
Step 2: Get the Answer – Correspond with your professional until you are satisifed.
Step 3: Hire a Professional – Work with a professional online for premium tax services (i.e. Tax Prep.).

Messages: You and the Professionals can exchange messages throughout the engagement.

Video Chats: You and the Professionals can schedule and conduct video chat sessions through the BIDaWIZ platform.

Upload Documents and Send Faxes: You and the Professionals can upload documents and send faxes through the BIDaWIZ platform.

Email Notifications: You and the Professionals will be notified by email whenever there is an update to your question or job request.

Learn More - The Process

How much does it cost? [Top of Page]
Professionals will answer your questions for FREE for a limited period of time. We and the professional provide the advice portion of the service for free for a limited period of time to help potential client identify the best professional for their needs. Should you decide to hire a professional, their fees may be based upon the following criteria: complexity of the request, time required to provide the service, level of expertise required or any other factor a Professionals deems necessary to consider in determining their fee. Because the BIDaWIZ process is competitive, Professional may also factor in their perception of competing offers when determining their own fees.

Is BIDaWIZ available to Organizations? [Top of Page]
We offer a variety of pricing plans and service options specifically designed to meet the needs of larger organizations. Please contact us for additional details at

About Your Questions

What types of questions can Professionals answer? [Top of Page]
BIDaWIZ focuses on all types of accounting and tax questions. Whether related to taxes, bookkeeping or any other accounting or tax issue, Professionals have the experience and the knowledge to answer all of your accounting questions. You can also access knowledge-base questions for examples of queries the Professionals can assist with.

What if my question has multiple parts or I have multiple questions relating to the same topic? [Top of Page] Feel free to submit questions with multiple parts or multiple questions in the text box provided. However, if the questions are unrelated, you should submit separate questions to ensure that the appropriate Professionals receive your question quickly.

What if I want to edit my question? [Top of Page]
Contact BIDaWIZ and let us know that you want to change your question and we will adjust our system to let you submit a change. In the event that your question is unclear or the Professionals need additional information, the Professionals will send you a message requesting clarification. You will be notified by email when a Professional sends any communication on BIDaWIZ.

How long does it take to get an answer? [Top of Page]
Time of delivery will be determined by the complexity of the question, but in general, the Professionals make every effort to answer your questions quickly, in minutes or hours, rather than days.

Are my questions, answers and service requests accessible by other customers? [Top of Page]
That is up to you. When you submit your questions, there will be an option to publicly display your questions in the Knowledge Base for existing and new users to benefit from in the future. If you choose not to display your questions, we will not show any information publicly. However, all job service requests are kept 100% confidential for the following reasons

  • In traditional engagements, accountants keep all information relating to you confidential. We believe that BIDaWIZ users are entitled to the same level of confidentiality.
  • If you paid for a service, then only you should be able to benefit from it.
Selecting a Professional(s)

Do I have access to Professional profiles? Can I submit a question or service request to a specific Professional? [Top of Page]
Once a Professional submits an offer of service, you'll have access to view that Professional's licensure(s), education, years of work experience, the number of questions they've answered on BIDaWIZ, their average rating for previous answers and any other information they provide. Keep in mind that you can select more than 1 Professional. Yes, you can submit a question or service request to a specific Professional by clicking Expert in Mind? on the top right of the question box.

Are the Professional backgrounds verified? [Top of Page]
Yes, we utilize a third party background verification service to ensure the accuracy of each Professional's reported education and licensure(s).


What forms of payment do you accept? [Top of Page]
We accept all types of credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover & Paypal.

Do I have to include my credit card or payment info to submit a service request? [Top of Page]
No, you don't have to include payment information until after you select a Professional and go through our secure SSL 128-Bit encrypted check out process. For security purposes, you will always be required to enter your CCV Number when making a purchase.

Rating System

Why is there an Professional rating system? [Top of Page]
Although BIDaWIZ verifies the licensure(s) and education to ensure the Professionals' backgrounds are accurate, we believe that customer reviews are an important tool to measure the quality of service of each Professional. After all, this is a unique format for receiving answers and services, and includes factors like timeliness, completeness of the answer or work and ease of understanding the answer or the completed work. Each transaction ends with a very quick and simple Rate-A-Professional process so we can track each customer's overall experience with that Professional. Customers also have access to these ratings in their customer account after an Professional has submitted a message or offer.


Am I rewarded for referring friends to BIDaWIZ? [Top of Page]
If a customer/Professional tells a friend about BIDaWIZ and they pay for a service to a question, we send you $5 cash via Paypal. Learn More - Refer a Friend.

Am I rewarded for referring a professional to BIDaWIZ? [Top of Page]
If you refer a professional to BIDaWIZ and they are accepted, we give you a 5% referral fee of the BIDaWIZ share for every service that the Professional provides. Learn More - Refer a Professional

Customer Profile Settings

What information do I need in my profile? [Top of Page]
Registration is quick and easy, with only a few basics your account is created. You can change settings like your user, password and email contact info. Please note that we take protecting your privacy very seriously. Learn More - Privacy Policy

What if I forget my username/password? [Top of Page]
Click the Forgot Your Username/Password? link which is located on the top right of every page and then provide the necessary information to fulfill the request.

Professional Profile Settings

Can Professionals change their profiles? [Top of Page]
Yes, but only with approval from the administrator. We want to ensure that the information the Professionals provide regarding their backgrounds and credentials stays accurate, and we need to verify any updated licenses or education before it can be included in a profile.

What if I forget my username/password? [Top of Page]
Click the Forgot Your Username/Password? link which is located on the top right of every page and then provide the necessary information to fulfill the request.


Is my personal information protected? [Top of Page]
Yes! Confidentiality is extremely important to us at BIDaWIZ. All your sensitive personal info and any financial details you provide are kept 100% private.
To Learn More - Privacy Policy

Advertise on BIDaWIZ

Can I advertise on your site? [Top of Page]
Maybe, contact a sales representative at for details.

Partner program

Do you have a Partner program? How do I get started? [Top of Page]
Yes, review our Become a Partner page and contact a business development representative at for additional details.

Become a Professional

What are the requirements to become a Professional? [Top of Page]
If you've got the right stuff, you can turn your expertise into cash flow. You'll have the opportunity to work when and where you like, as much or as little as you like, and enjoy helping others on only the questions you choose to answer or the jobs you choose to complete.
Learn More- Requirements

How do I apply to become a Professional at BIDaWIZ? [Top of Page]
All professionals who'd like to become Professionals must complete an application and should submit a copy of their licensure if readily available. Begin your application here.

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