Rating Systems

Your feedback is critical to BIDaWIZ and its other users. Experts receive ratings each time they complete an engagement and our users depend upon accurate, honest assessments from the BIDaWIZ community in order to choose the Expert who best meets their needs.

What to know about rating your Expert:

While we go to great lengths to verify our Experts’ credentials before we invite them to join BIDaWIZ, there is no substitute for the real world experiences of our users. We depend on the BIDaWIZ user community to help us ensure that our Experts meet our stringent standards of service.

Please take the time to rate your Expert 1 (Worst) - 5 (Best) based upon your overall experience. Factors you may incorporate in your rating are completeness, clarity, timeliness, affordability.

Remember, your feedback helps others choose a great Expert for their answers. Be honest and fair in your ratings.

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