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What is the total amount of taxes I will owe, if I withdrew $200,000 from 401K account early, including the 10% early withdrawl... read on

My family owns a business abroad and I live and work (not for family) in the US (citizen). I help purchase items here... read on

I live in Texas but temporarily work in several states during the year. My company is stating that I must file state tax... read on

I have been at the same company for 10 years. As a gift, my boss gave me $10,000. He was going to buy... read on

When applying for LLC with North Carolina and for federal tax purposes, I listed the company as an LLC partnership (consisting of two... read on

Can contributions that I put towards my 401k be used as a tax write off at the end of the year?... read on

I borrowed money from my 401K to pay cash for a house in 2011. I pay the money back into my 401K with... read on

I own a home that I want to sell to my business and operate the business from my home. The home was purchased... read on

I'm an international Taiwanese student with an F1 Visa in Illinois. Recently I've sold 50 books on Amazon for $3,000. Amazon requested that... read on

I want to withdraw funds from my 401k to pay my medical bills. How much is the early withdrawal fee and how much... read on

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