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I have a small sole proprietorship that I have been running and slowly building the business. I am the only employee but... read on

Can an S corporation be a shareholder in another S corporation?

... read on

Do I need to collect sales tax on shipping and handling charges if I sell clothing in New York state?... read on

Can I file my small business tax return separately from my personal return if I run a sole proprietorship?

... read on

I have operated an Inspection business for the past 2 years under the name of a corporation I formed in 1995. I have... read on

An owner brought a new car that he financed $13,000 with a 12% interest rate and put down a payment of $2,000. How... read on

I inherited a 401(k) from my ex-husband. He was 45 years old when he passed away and I'm the same age. She is... read on

What is the minimum distribution for a SEP-IRA annuity?

... read on

In an LP, can tax losses be distributed by percentages other than LP holdings (i.e. if one LP is a tax exempt entity... read on

I am buying and selling on eBay. Do I have to pay sales tax on out of state purchases if I am simply... read on

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