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Question answered by The BIDaWIZ

If I pay doctors out of my own pocket and don't have health insurance, can I deduct those expenses?

... read on

I am trying to figure out if I am including the correct Connecticut state withholding code for form CT-W4? My husband and... read on

We purchased a home in 1998 for $225,000 and we are getting ready to sell it for $284,000. We have made quite a... read on

I had a lease for a coffee shop at our hospital. The admistrator chose to evict me without cause. He in turn allowed... read on

Company "A" (Client) issued a project to Company "B" (Contractor). Company A is tax exempt from a sales tax perspective. All materials purchased... read on

I commute to Sacramento, California for work during the week and live in Burbank, California on the weekends. Can I deduct my apartment... read on

Is a settlement from a personal injury claim taxable?

... read on

If I claim zero allowances on form W-4, will I owe tax at the end of the year if I make about $27,000?... read on

I have a friend who was told that he could claim head of household because he is covering his 19 year old daughter's... read on

We are in the commercial real estate management business and are working on our CAM reconciliations. We charge real estate taxes to our... read on

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