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We recently incorporated as a Delaware LLC S Corporation and now realize that we don't have enough capital to fund the business operations... read on

I am preparing my 2011 tax return and have taxable income of $12,000 as reported on line 43 of form 1040. I'm... read on

My sister is a US citizen. She is going to sell her apartment in Russia. She knows that according to the US tax... read on

I work for a company based in Georgia, but I recently moved to Washington state and am working remotely from there. Apparently Washington... read on

We filed incorrect 2009 and 2010 Form 500 for our Marlyand State Corporation. We did not get a tax refund as we were... read on

Do you have any advice for the best insurance plan for a sole proprietor/one-person businesses from a financial and tax perspective.... read on

I am a 1099 contractor in an 18+ month contract in Florida. I live in Alabama and had to temporarily relocate. The organization... read on

My parents each gave me a gift of $13,000 worth of stock for a total of $26,000. When am I subject to... read on

Are social security benefits taxable? I'm 60 years old and planning to retire within the next two years. I'm trying to... read on

I am 55 years old and have just become disabled. I have a 401k that I was told I shouldn't touch until I... read on

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