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If my husband is self-employed, can he pay his spouse, me, $4,000 a year and not have that amount treated as taxable income... read on

I provide calligraphy services to people. This year I earned $900. I do not have a business license because the income... read on

If we have in home caregivers, is there a federal tax deduction to claim those expenses? This is care for my elderly husband.... read on

Our company sold inventory after our books and records were finalized for the year. What are the proper journal entries to record... read on

I am going through a divorce now with my spouse. The legal fees are adding up and I'm wondering if any of... read on

I've been supporting my mother while she struggles to make mortgage payments on her home. She's since transferred the deed to me.... read on

If an individual that was in the US on an L or E visa receives a social security number (SSN), does the ssn... read on

What provision of the IRC dictates the taxation of dividends?... read on

I have a client that owns position in a dividend paying real estate investment trust (REIT). Dividends were recently declared for shareholders... read on

I inherited US savings bonds from my grandmother 8 years ago. They are now at full maturity and I want to use... read on

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