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I have several traditional IRAs. Being 71 1/2, I figured my required minimum distribution before April 1, 2012 was about $6,500. To be... read on

Using the accrual method of accounting, how do you record the following: The property and liability insurance bill (total of $240,000) for 2013... read on

I have not filed a tax return in over ten years, but I have never made enough money to owe anything. What should... read on

I am 65 and just started drawing social security. My son is 16 and lives at home and is still in high school.... read on

I have a client that formed a new partnership. He is giving 10% of the partnership to his manager as an incentive. The... read on

I have been self employed with my llc for the past several years and have deducted my health insurance premiums as business expenses.... read on

I sold my mothers house who passed away this year. In the will, it is to be split 4 ways with my other... read on

I am 68 years old and live in Georgia. I have a Fidelity account worth approximately $60,000. My wife died last year so... read on

I live in South Carolina, but have earned income in another state. If you moved to another state in the middle of... read on

I am a U.S citizen from Texas living in India, but only have passive income. What forms should I file with my... read on

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