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How do I avoid the gift tax when I change the name on the deed of my property? My mother owns a condo... read on

Upon my parent's passing, I would likely selling the bigger home at which all three of us current reside and move into the... read on

I am considering leasing out my personal residence of the last 15 years on a two year lease. I purchased the house for... read on

We currently own a C corporation in TN with one shareholder. I want to convert to a two-member LLC. TN allows for a... read on

If I am reimbursed $0.555 per mile for my job travel and my employer uses an accountable plan, do I have to report... read on

My name is on the deed with my mother's for her house. If she removes her name, and I sell it for $200,000,... read on

I have $1,265 in short term stock gains and $412 in long term losses, resulting a net short term gain of $853. What... read on

I am receiving a large inheritance from a relative that was living & passed away in China. What are the tax obligations if... read on

I live in New York City and have a house in Virginia that I rent. Am I able to deduct expenses from the... read on

My husband was laid off at the end of March. He had normally filed our taxes jointly and he had a portion of... read on

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