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I have not filed a tax return in over ten years, but I have never made enough money to owe anything. What should I do?


The BIDaWIZ Team's Answer:

If you are a US citizen, you must file an annual income return; unless you are retired, and your taxable income is less than the sum of your personal exemption, and the standard deduction amount [i. e. for 2012, it is approximately $9,750 for individual filers under 65]. Please note that some people should file even if they aren't required to because they may get a refund if they had taxes withheld or they may qualify for refundable credits. If you were suppose to file a tax return and have not, the general rule is to file the most recent tax return first, and then file the next most recent return, etc., until all tax returns are filed.

The BIDaWIZ Team



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