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The Best Sales Tax Software Solutions Webinar

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on selecting the best sales tax compliance solutions for your business. Read More.

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Do You Have To Pay An Employee On Leave?


You may have employees that take a leave of absence for a variety of reasons. It may be due to birth, adoption, illness or if a family member has a serious health condition. In all cases, it’s morally up to the employer to show compassion and understanding to their employees during this time. Having said that, what is the actual law for how employees on leave should be treated during this period? Read More.

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All businesses go through employee turnover at one point or another. Employees either voluntarily quit, are laid off or fired, or tragically pass away. In all instances, the business is ultimately responsible for when and how each employee is paid for their time at the firm. Read More.

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Benefit From The 2014 Sales Tax Holiday Season


The back-to-school sales tax holiday season is upon us. As is customary, we’ve compiled a list of states offering sales tax holidays for paper, pencils, backpacks, clothing and other school supplies. Find out if your state is participating and/or has already released details. Read More.

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Why You Need A Succession Plan For Your Business


The fate of many small businesses often lies in the hands of only a small number of individuals. Despite this fact, many owners do not have a succession plan. This is also troubling given that recent census bureau data suggests that a third of small business owners are 55 or older and about a quarter are family-owned. How should you be thinking about succession planning for your business before it is too late? Read More.

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Is Your Business Setting Prices Too Low?


Companies that are not actively exploring, testing and implementing new prices for their products or services may have difficulty sustaining their business over the long-term. Specifically, businesses that price their products or services too low will have difficulty reaching profitability. Those that raise prices too high will struggle to achieve their customer growth goals set forth in their business model. Finding the right price requires constant evaluation. Read More.

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Small Business Financing Webinar With Fundation

We recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a small business financing webinar with Fundation. We discussed small business loans and how they can benefit accountants, advisers and their clients. Read More.

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How Sales Tax Changes Hurt One Small Business

As we’ve mentioned in the past, nearly half of state revenue is generated from sales tax sources. As such, state auditors have been cracking down on businesses that do not comply with sales tax regulations. Read More.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Mobile Point Of Sale

Retailers are incorporating technology into more and more of their business processes. Independent of the obvious cost-reduction and efficiency reasons for utilizing technology, their customers require it. As such, retailers need to consider the benefits for utilizing mobile point of sale systems. Learn how your business can benefit from this system. Read More.

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