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State regulators are now collecting nearly $400 billion in sales tax as compared to 2003 when states collected just over $250 billion. This growing trend is a consequence of complex regulations, new business models and technologies. Companies of all sizes need to have appropriate reporting processes in place to meet state sales tax regulations. To better understand these sales tax issues and the businesses that need expertise, we’ve analyzed our clients’ sales tax questions in this report. Read More.

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Your Business May Be Subject To Trailing Sales Tax Nexus

Most businesses are well aware that their company may have to collect state sales tax if they have tax nexus. This may mean that the business has a physical location in the state, employees work within that state, and there is significant business being conducted within those borders. If your business does have nexus within a particular state, there could be long-term tax implications for doing business there. For instance, some states have implemented trailing sales tax nexus rules which require business to collect sales tax even if they no longer have tax nexus. Is your business liable for trailing sales tax nexus? Read More.

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Is Your Business Subject To Sales Tax In Other States?


States auditors continue to crackdown on “out-of-state” businesses that are not compliant with their local state sales tax laws. The motive is quite clear as it is estimated that over $23 billion of sales taxes remains uncollected each year. Given that backdrop, it would be prudent to ensure that your business is following all state and local sales tax laws. This is especially important for businesses that have independent sales representatives located in different states throughout the country as this is an area that is often misunderstood. Read More.

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Benefit From The 2014 Sales Tax Holiday Season


The back-to-school sales tax holiday season is upon us. As is customary, we’ve compiled a list of states offering sales tax holidays for paper, pencils, backpacks, clothing and other school supplies. Find out if your state is participating and/or has already released details. Read More.

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How Sales Tax Changes Hurt One Small Business

As we’ve mentioned in the past, nearly half of state revenue is generated from sales tax sources. As such, state auditors have been cracking down on businesses that do not comply with sales tax regulations. Read More.

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2013 Sales Tax Holidays To Benefit Back-To-School Shoppers

Many back-to-school shoppers are days away from the best deals on school supplies courtesy of the annual state sales tax holidays. Consistent with prior years, we’ve compiled a list of states offering sales tax holidays for school supplies. Find out if your state is participating and/or has already released details. Read More.

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Amazon Will Begin Collecting California State Sales Tax


Today will be the last day for Amazon consumers to avoid paying state or local California sales tax. Will Amazon implement this policy for other states too? Read More.

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Online Shoppers May Have To Pay A Use Tax Soon

Most online shoppers understand that they have to pay state sales tax when they purchase from an online seller with a physical location in their state or tax nexus. However, most online shoppers don’t realize that some states require that they remit sales tax or what is commonly called a “use tax” to their state even if the online seller doesn’t have a physical presence. Read More.

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Are Sales Tax Holidays Good For Business?

We're heading into the back to school season which means sales tax holidays are just around the corner if they haven't already started. Many states offer a sales tax holiday for back to school items during the first week of August. On the surface, these tax holidays (4 to 9% discount) sound great for both consumers and businesses. But, after careful analysis, the benefits may be somewhat temporary and not very good for the economy. .
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More Dollars Going to New York Sales Tax


About four weeks ago, the 4% New York State sales tax for clothing & footwear items priced below $110 was reinstated. Yeah, that’s right shoppers. If you purchase a pair of jeans now for $85 in say New York City, you will have to pay $85+(4%+.375% metro tax) or $85+$3.71 for a total of $88.71. Previously this year there was no sales tax for this type of purchase. Now that we are entering the holiday season, it is important for both consumers in the New York State area and clothing/footwear merchants to understand this change. Read More.

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