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I have a rental property that I rent out weekly and on weekends. Do I report rental revenue and expenses on Schedule... read on

If my daughter still lives with me and she is 19, can I claim her as a dependent on my tax return? She... read on

If I need an additional $75,000 to put a downpayment on a house, can I borrow from my 401k with my current employer... read on

We are selling a second home and we would like to use the proceeds for home improvement at our primary residence. Are... read on

Is there a time frame during the year when you have to be married in order to file a joint tax return for... read on

I have a relative in another state who is selling a lot of my books. She is not a salaried employee, and we... read on

We were the victims of a scam and lost about $2,000 during the 2011 tax year. Will we be able to deduct... read on

I am thinking of starting a software business. I have contracted an acquaintance to do some preliminary programming to determine the feasibility of... read on

I have a vacation home in Mexico that is totally paid off and I don't receive any rental income (we don't rent it... read on

I am retiring soon and would like to take my company supplied retirement in a lump sum. I have a separate 401k and... read on

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