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Accomplished attorney with an accounting degree and strong background in real estate, taxation, contracts, and business transactions.

Professional Licenses
Member of Montana State Bar - Montana Admitted to Tax Court

21 Years of Work Experience


Montana State University - Bachelor of Science in Business & Accounting; University of Montana School of Law - Juris Doctorate (JD)

Question answered by Mark

 What are the federal filing requirements if you live in Missouri but you are working in Texas? Also, for filing state taxes?... read on

I rolled my company stock options into a 401k plan and I was wondering if I am liable for taxes on the transaction?

... read on

We have an opportunity to purchase a small investment home ($40K) but are disagreeing how to finance it.
A) Take out a traditional... read on

I am considering lending $25,000 to my mother-in-law to buy a car while she awaits an insurance check. Once she receives the money,... read on

If you withdraw money from your 401K before your reach the age of 59 1/2, is 10% early withdrawal penalty assessed on the... read on

Can a property on a life estate be entitled to a step up in basis? I inherited 1/2 of a property 10 years... read on

My wife and I are going through In vitro fertilization to have a baby. We are using a donor to provide eggs for... read on

In 2010, I withdraw about $30,000 total from my roth and traditional IRA. I know I have to pay the 10% early withdrawal... read on

I did not file my taxes in 2010 or 2011 and owed for 2009. I just received a letter from the IRS.... read on

Are there any tax consequences when a person is relieved of a reverse mortgage? Is a reverse mortgage considered a loan advance or... read on

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