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Accomplished attorney with an accounting degree and strong background in real estate, taxation, contracts, and business transactions.

Professional Licenses
Member of Montana State Bar - Montana Admitted to Tax Court

21 Years of Work Experience


Montana State University - Bachelor of Science in Business & Accounting; University of Montana School of Law - Juris Doctorate (JD)

Question answered by Mark

If you are the owner of a daycare center and some families have outstanding upaid bills, are they deductible as a business loss?... read on

I am 70 years old and live off state retirement and social security. I want to sell some land but am worried about... read on

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I recently registered a small entertainment company as an LLC in Oregon. I am curious about taxes and what sort of things are... read on

I have a house that is upside down and would like to pay off $100,000 of my mortgage to make it eligible for... read on

I have been receiving donations to help with cancer treatment. What taxes would I pay for the medical expenses?

... read on

What are the tax ramifications for being changed to part-time per hour employment versus a full-time salary at the same company?

... read on

I paid my mother's taxes and back taxes on her home that she owns. Can I claim those taxes that I paid... read on

If I withdrew money from my 401K and give it as a gift to my son to invest in gold, will I be... read on

We inherited a house at my mother's death. We decide to rent the house for two years but now we want to... read on

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