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Accomplished attorney with an accounting degree and strong background in real estate, taxation, contracts, and business transactions.

Professional Licenses
Member of Montana State Bar - Montana Admitted to Tax Court

21 Years of Work Experience


Montana State University - Bachelor of Science in Business & Accounting; University of Montana School of Law - Juris Doctorate (JD)

Question answered by Mark

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My client is thinking of setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust. How can he do that? Can you explain the tiered... read on

My client had a JTWROS with her Mother. Her Mother has just died. Does she get a step up in basis?... read on

My client has declared bankruptcy. He has been told by a friend - an attorney - that he should now put his... read on

How does a non needy grant effect my income for tax purposes? This is for a grand daughter I am raising.... read on

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