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Accomplished attorney with an accounting degree and strong background in real estate, taxation, contracts, and business transactions.

Professional Licenses
Member of Montana State Bar - Montana Admitted to Tax Court

21 Years of Work Experience


Montana State University - Bachelor of Science in Business & Accounting; University of Montana School of Law - Juris Doctorate (JD)

Question answered by Mark

I'm a day trader. I filed my taxes properly using Form 4797, made make-to-market adjustments. From 2006 to 2009, I've reported only losses... read on

We received a 1099-B form from our broker even though the investments are in my husband's account as custodian until our children are... read on

I'm part of a 2 member LLC. Both myself and my business partner worked this year at other jobs and each made less... read on

Can you run a CRT or CLT illustration for me? At my old firm, they would run an illustration for me and... read on

I have three homes: a primary residence, summer home, and ski lodge. I am confused over the mortgage interest deduction rules. I... read on

I am the executor of a family trust in which one of the beneficiaries filed their tax return as opposed to an extension... read on

How should interest income be reported for a single member LLC that is taxed as a disregarded entity. Is the reporting the... read on

My employer listed my incorrect social security number on the W-2 form and but I still filed my taxes. What do I need... read on

Are membership dues tax deductible?... read on

Is it best to purchase a car under the business name or my personal name? I plan to use the vehicle for 95%... read on

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