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Professional Licenses
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) New York State Licensure #096037

9 Years of Work Experience


College of Staten Island, CUNY - Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a Minor in Finance & Investment. St. Peters College - Masters in Business Administration.

Question answered by Joseph

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I'm about to open up a wholesale clothing company in New York. I've been advised to open as an S Corporation for... read on

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I am wondering if I can still claim the American Opportunity credit if I am in my sixth year of undergraduate college? ... read on

I'm covered by my domestic partner's health insurance plan with her employer. From what I understand, the benefits I receive are taxed... read on

We've invested a lot of money this past year in equipment and used a loan to take full advantage of the bonus depreciation... read on

We're getting ready to open a new business and are currently in the process of incorporating. We're not going to be opening... read on

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