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I am an Enrolled Agent and have over 17 years of experience as a tax preparer for a major retail tax preparation company.

Professional Licenses
IRS Enrolled Agent (EA)

17 Years of Work Experience



Question answered by Barbara

I worked in Tennessee, but lived in a different state. Since then, I moved and now work in Arizona. Do I... read on

I have rental property in a single member LLC. This year, I paid a monthly premium for individual health insurance. Can I write... read on

I was offered a choice of monthly payments or lump sum from the bowne pension plan. I took the lump sum and... read on

I have a friend who has inherited $10,000 from his grandmother. He does not have a current bank account. If I deposit his... read on

Can you claim the standard deduction instead of an itemized deduction if you are a 1099 independent contractor?... read on

I have $25,000 of income. However, my AGI is negative due to a large net operating loss carry-forward. Does that affect my MAGI... read on

Is it possible for a person to have tax documents reflecting a business as both Schedule C Income and 1120S? If it is... read on

I need to file my taxes and my former employers will not remit a W-2 form. I have tried everything. How can I... read on

If I drive to trade shows and sell our products there, does that create sales tax nexus?... read on

I lost my primary residence to a fire in 2011 and I paid off mortgage with insurance money and bought another home. I... read on

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