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I moved to a different state last year and forgot to inform my employer of the address change. As a result, not only is my address wrong on my W-2, but my state tax is being withheld in MD (where I used to reside) instead of DC (where I reside currently). My employer has already filed the taxes for this year, so obtaining a corrected W-2 is no longer an option.


The BIDaWIZ Team's Answer:

You can claim a tax credit on your DC tax return Form D-40 for taxes paid to Maryland when you are taxed on the same income in DC. This is noted in the DC personal tax form publication. Complete Calculation K on page 19, which flows to Schedule U - Part I a. Line 3 as detailed on Page 41. Do you actually work in Maryland? If so, please submit form MW507 to your employer to make sure they don't withhold taxes since there is a state reciprocity agreement between Maryland and DC.

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