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I moved to New York on 11/01 and lived in New Jersey the 10 months prior. I worked the whole time in New Jersey. The taxes withheld were calculated as 12 months in New Jersey and 2 months in New York. What part do I have to claim, if any, on my New York state taxes?


The BIDaWIZ Team's Answer:

We're assuming you're filing a full-year resident return for New Jersey and part-year resident return for New York. If this is the case, you should claim a credit on your part-year New Jersey state tax return for the amount of taxes you paid to New York state. Specifically, this is reflected in Schedule A of your New Jersey state tax return. Please note that since you were a NY non-resident for most of the year, you would file a part-year tax return for NY IT-203. Technically, for NJ you would file a full-year resident return because you domiciled there most of the year.

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