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I currently live in Puerto Rico and get paid by a Puerto Rican company. Due to work reasons my family and I will relocate to North Carolina in 2014. During this time, my income would still be coming from Puerto Rico and also I will officially change my residence to North Carolina. During the time that I live in North Carolina, would I have to pay taxes to Puerto Rico and North Carolina for the salary that I get paid exclusively in Puerto Rico? Also, what would happen to federal taxes?


The BIDaWIZ Team's Answer:

Can you provide a little more detail as to the nature of your work? Are you working for the government in the US? Will you have two jobs? The more detail the better. If you aren't working for the government and you permanently move to the US from Puerto Rico and are not maintaining a residence there, you'll have to report your income on your US tax return. Any taxes paid to Puerto Rico can be claimed as a Foreign tax credit via form 1116.

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