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If we use the short form, can we deduct donations?


Expert Matthew Peterson's Answer:

In filing a personal income tax return, the IRS allows for certain deductions to offset income. A donation to a qualified charity is considered to be an "itemized" deduction along with state taxes paid, interest paid on a qualified residence mortgage and property taxes paid to name a few. "Itemized" means you can provide specific details and quantify these expenses. However, the IRS allows a taxpayer to take a "standard" deduction if the taxpayer doesn't have "itemized" deductions or "itemized" deductions totalling more than the "standard" deduction allowed. The short forms (Forms 1040-A and 1040-EZ) only allow a taxpayer to claim the "standard" deduction amount. In order to deduct "itemized" expenses (i.e. donations) the taxpayer must use Form 1040.

Matthew Peterson, CPA


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