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I have worked for Intuit and am a Turbotax expert! Enrolled Agent for 20 years in private practice. Practice includes both general tax preparation with a specialization in SALT, expatriates and a large amount of representation. Engaged to write and review questions for the IRS Special Enrollment Examination – Part III, Practice and Procedure. Extensive representation experience over the past 20 years. Have represented $500 Million corporations before state tax tribunals and assisted numerous individuals in happily resolving their state and IRS tax problems. My approach is tailored to the individual situation at hand. I try to avoid cookie cutter solutions. Always probing IRS procedural avenues to find new paths to success. Formed the Massachusetts Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, Inc. and received start up funding from the IRS LITC program. (1999) Elected municipal and county official (1998 to present). Have served as an elected official at the municipal and county levels of government. Have served as Planning Board member, County Charter Commission Chairman and Board of Property Tax Assessors. As a member of the Tax Assessors, I have successfully represented the municipality before the state appellate tax board. I view this assignment as my opportunity to see things from the "taxing authority's point of view”. As a municipal and county elected official, have also served on and chaired numerous boards and committees. Proud member of American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, NAEA and NATP, former Consulting member and current Certified Member of Dan Pilla’s Tax Freedom Institute. Appointed by the NAEA President to the national Bylaws Committee (last year) and most recently to the Government Relations Committee.

Professional Licenses
Enrolled Agent #52643

20+ Years of Work Experience


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management; Bentley College - Master of Science in Taxation (MST) with Distinction

Question answered by Charles

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