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My son is 27 and has been unemployed for 2 years. He has moved home and I have financially supported him. Can I claim him as a dependent on my tax return?


Expert Matthew Greer's Answer:



My name is Matthew Greer.  I am a CPA in the State of Tennessee. 


I am not sure of your son's situation and am not trying to be rude but unless your son is disabled, he is too old to be claimed as a 'Qualified Child' (a child must be under the age of 24).  However, there is good news.  He may qualify as a 'Qualifying Relative'.  In order for him to qualify as a 'Qualifying Relative', he must first meet the following (basically, any dependent claimed must meet these):


1)  He must be a citizen of the US, a resident of the United States or resident of Canada or Mexico

2)  He is not filing a joint return with a spouse

3)  He is not claimed by anyone else (only one person can claim a dependent on his tax return)

4)  He does not file a tax return and claim himself as a dependent


If he does not pass 1 - 4 above, he cannot be claimed as a dependent; however, if he passes, he must pass the following:


1)  He must be related to you which is obvious.  Since he is your son, he does not have to live with you for the entire year.

2)  He has not or will not make more than the personal exemption which is $3,800 for 2012.

3)  You provided or will provide over half of your son's support during the year

4)  If the dependent is married, he cannot file a joint return with his spouse, unless the return is filed solely to obtian a refund of withheld income taxes

5)  He must be either a citizen or resident alien of the US, Canada or Mexico


Some of this is repeated however necessary.


Please feel free to call me at (615) 306-4844 or email (magreer18@gmail.com) anytime with additional questions or concerns. 


Thank you!


Matthew Greer, CPA


7 yrs experience

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