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How can I improve my credit score after a bankruptcy and will finding a apartment with a low score be difficult? I'm 60 and retired with a pension.


Expert Thomas Graham iii's Answer:

First, finding an apartment with a low credit score should not be too difficult. Some apartment complexes don’t even do any background checks. Others will check a database of your rental history. Assuming negative rental history, offer to prepay for the first and last month’s rent. Do something to ease the mind of the property manager.


Second, repairing your credit score is going to take time. Banks/Credit Card companies offer prepaid "credit cards" that can be used to repair your credit worthiness. The bankruptcy will fall off after a few years. In the mean time you need to avoid doing anything that will further hurt your credit score. This means avoid going further into debt, avoid opening up multiple lines of debt, etc.


Thomas Graham iii, CPA, CFE


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