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Professional Licenses
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) New Hampshire State Licensure #1657

21 Years of Work Experience


Bentley College - Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting & Master of Science (MS) in Financial Planning

Question answered by Donna

In posting to the income statement, how would I handle the entry that states (loss from expropriation of overseas plant (net of $1,200,000... read on

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I traded in a business vehicle that I owed more than was given as a trade. The book value was also a... read on

I have short term losses arising from transactions that have been carry forwarded from previous years. Can these losses be offset against: a.... read on

I had to close my business before the term of our commercial property lease was over. As part of the negotiations in a... read on

I inherited money last summer when my grandfather passed away. I gave $10,000 to my mother as a gift. Is this tax deductible?... read on

I'm working at a new company that already offered equity and I'm considering making a form 83B election. There doesn't seem to... read on

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