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I am a CPA specializing in taxation. I am self-employed licensed in the State of Georgia

Professional Licenses
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Georgia State License #CPA014333

25 Years of Work Experience


University of North Carolina-Greensboro - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Question answered by Linda

I own my own business which is an LLC taxed as a C-Corporation. I pay myself W-2 wages of $120K. I... read on

My daughter was pre-approved for a mortgage. The closing date was scheduled for August 8th and my daughter had to be induced for... read on

I'm a contractor that paid another contractor for his services. He is a corporation. Do I 1099 him? If not,... read on

I'm thinking about taking a job with a company that requires travel. They expect employees to have either cash or credit cards... read on

We printed a product for our client and then they found some errors and they asked us to recycle the product. We... read on

My husband died a few years ago and I'm just remembered to change my W4 form at work to Single instead of Married.... read on

My ex-wife and I are in the process of final orders for our divorce. My ex-wife hasn't worked for the entire marriage, she... read on

if you dont pay property tax before december 31 do you still get to claim it on your taxes... read on

My son who has not been able to find work for over a year, has been residing with us. I have been supplying... read on

I was married in October but we both never updated our W-4. Do we have to file separately?... read on

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