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Are You Getting Enough Value From Your Accountant?

When most of us think about our accountant, filing taxes often comes to mind. However, accountants are trusted advisors that can offer much more to their clients than just preparing tax returns. Recently, we had a chance to speak with Greg Freyman, CPA to learn more about his New York City based accounting practice and the innovative ways he is able to offer value to his clients.

How is your firm different from other accounting practices?greg-freyman-cpa
Our accounting firm, Safir & Freyman CPA’s, P.C., not only has decades of work experience, but we also work with the latest and greatest technologies available in the marketplace. The result is that we are able to not only provide traditional accounting services such as bookkeeping and tax preparation work, but we can offer our clients strategic advice as their most trusted business advisor.

In addition, our efficient processes allow us to provide our services at an affordable fee in comparison to the majority of the market. Lastly, we focus a lot of our attention on building client relationships and understand how important it is to be very accessible.

What types of technologies are you using to work with clients?
We use the latest technology tools in the most efficient way possible to make it easy for clients to work with us. For instance, we use DocuSign and for clients to easily and securely send workpapers as well as collaborate on current business tasks. In addition, we have interactive tax organizers & host virtual meetings to reduce the guess work for clients. We believe that a paperless environment allows for easy submission of documents and significantly enhances the client/professional experience.

How exactly does your pricing work?
We understand that our clients (business + personal), always want to know how much it will cost upfront for our services. Given our experience across industries and projects, value pricing (i.e. flat-fee) is always an option for our clients. Pricing doesn’t have to be overly complicated. We look at how much time we think the job will take, the rate of potential error, and the rate for performing those services. Hourly rates are also an option, but some clients want the peace of mind of knowing the price upfront.

What types of clients do you serve?
We serve clients in the following industries: financing, transportation, marketing, professional services, restaurant, salon & spas, human resources, manufacturing & construction, non-profits, real estate investments, retail, and international. In addition, we aren’t restricted by geography in the sense that the cloud-based tools that we use provides us with the capability to offer our services to clients worldwide.

How do you share your knowledge with existing and prospective clients?
I send out client letters to keep everyone abreast of the latest tax law changes. I believe clients should have the opportunity to access the same information that I’m privy to as an accounting professional. For instance, I recently sent out a letter covering the importance of correctly classifying your employees as there is a heightened risk for tax audits.

We also conduct accounting and income tax seminars on site, as well as help businesses train new employees in accounting software such as QuickBooks.

Also, on my spare time, we give back to the community by providing our services to non-profit organizations at significantly reduced fees or on a pro-bono basis. Companies we assist include GenSpace NYC, Coalition for American Roots Music and many more.

How should a business contact you if they are interested in learning more about your firm?
They can reach out to me directly at the contact information below or they can visit our company website here or from my BIDaWIZ profile here.
Greg Freyman, CPA, CGMA
(646) 722-4159


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