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How Should Businesses And Accountants Be Filing 1099 Forms?

The tax filing season begins earlier for accountants and small businesses than individuals. This is largely due to the fact that most of the forms that individuals rely on are issued by these providers. Mainly, 1099 and W-2 forms are due starting on February 2nd, 2015. Given this approaching deadline, it’s important that both small businesses and accountants have a proper system in place to ensure that 1099 and W-2 forms are filed accurately and on time. One of the ways to achieve this objective is through technology.

1099-filing-solutionsRecently, we had a chance to sit down with Susan Drenning, the President of, to learn more about their 1099 and W-2 form filing solution, which includes print, mail, and electronic filing services. For those that don’t know, is part of the HRdirect family of brands. For more than 25 years, HRdirect has offered innovative, easy-to-use HR products and services to businesses. Susan and her team are passionate about giving small businesses affordable access to the same types of HR tools that larger companies use to streamline their HR responsibilities. As a result, business owners and managers can focus on what matters most: running and growing their businesses.

How is your service helpful for accountants?
Accountants and tax preparers prefer an IRS-authorized e-file solution like because they can set up and file forms for multiple clients under one account. The features and functionality that set us apart from other providers include:

    1) Low and all-inclusive pricing
    2) Comprehensive data integration with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro (Desktop) and Xero
    3) Easy-to-use Excel template
    4) Notifications when recipient copies have mailed & the filings are accepted by the IRS/SSA
    5) Ability to run Summary and Totals reports to validate amounts before submitting
    6) Data is entered only once and is available each year
    7) Secure storage of data and accessibility for four years

How is different and better than the other 1099/W-2 filing solution providers?
With most 1099/W-2 filing solutions, you still do most of the work. As an industry leader and pioneer, strives to make the online processing of 1099s and W-2s as convenient and economical as possible. There’s never any software to download or forms to purchase. You don’t have to worry about printing or mailing your forms, either. It’s as simple as signing up and entering (or importing) your tax form information. Once you’re ready to file, we take care of the rest.

What type of data security measures has taken to protect client data?
The IRS doesn’t regulate how recipient data is handled for security purposes. That’s entirely up to the service provider. Some e-file providers are nothing more than mom-and-pop operations, saving your data in home-grown databases and printing and mailing forms out of their garages. We, on the other hand, take security very seriously. Customer data is encrypted as soon as it is submitted and it stays encrypted through the entire process. In addition, our print/mail and data facilities are certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to be SOC2-compliant. By combining the latest technologies with stringent business practices, we can assure our customers that their sensitive data is fully guarded against tampering and identity theft.

How much does your service cost?
Depending on the number of forms you’re filing, the price per form ranges from $1.25 to $3.95. It is important to note that our advertised price for 1-10 forms ($3.95 per filing) includes full-service printing, mailing and e-filing. Many competitors may lure customers with a particular price, but it covers e-file only. So even though the price may appear lower, it ends up being more after you add the costs to print and mail recipient copies. It’s important to compare apples to apples, since most customers purchase the full-service print, mail and e-file service.

Do you have any examples of clients that have used
We serve more than 30,000 customers nationwide, catering to both small businesses and large corporations. For instance, one of our small business customers is a welding subcontractor in South Florida that operates with up to eight employees year-round and supplements with another six to eight independent contractors throughout the year as the workload peaks. The owner outsources payroll processing and hires an accountant for his annual tax return, but he handles his own invoicing, financial recordkeeping and 1099 processing with online tools like Freshbooks and

Do you have any tax filing advice as we approach the 1099 filing deadline?
Our biggest recommendation is to file as soon as possible! The deadline to provide 1099s to covered recipients is February 2nd (since January 31st falls on a Saturday in 2015). You can also get ahead of the curve by:

1) Reviewing and updating your payer and recipient records. If any payers or recipients moved or changed their names, take a few minutes to update those records. Same with adding any new payers or recipients.

2) Collecting recipient email addresses for e-delivery. If you provide your recipient’s email addresses, we can give them the option to access their forms securely online. Rather than wait for the mail, they will get their forms immediately after you file and can print them on their home or office printers.


More Questions? Browse Answers or ask your 1099 tax questions online.

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